Our Team Event – Many New Faces

The first digital event of wajve was a great success!

Apr 14, 2021
Noah Papenfuß

On April 13th, 2021, wajve finally held its first team event. Due to the situation, everything was digital of course! Digital exit game, digital drinks and digital pizza – it was all sooo 2021. Read more here!   

✌️ We did it!

Divided into two teams of 12 participants each, our event began.

We were thrown into a digital, abandoned, haunted youth hostel. After some initial communication problems, both teams settled in and mastered their tasks. Insiders were quickly formed and we hardly noticed it was digital. Well, there were internet problems from time to time, you had a screen and no people in front of you, but otherwise we were in the haunted youth hostel.

Both teams spent just under an hour and a half solving all the puzzles, and in the end Team 2 claimed to have been one minute faster than Team 1 – whether that's true or not remains disputed (maybe this blog post was written by a member from team 1, but who knows...).  

🙏 Getting to know each other in a different way!

It had a bit of a blind date feeling, I would say. Not that I know how that goes.

Many of us had never seen each other in person, and we talked mainly about work-related topics until the team event. After the exit game, we moved on to Wonder. This was wonderful. Theoretically, we could have had more in-depth conversations in different rooms, but the main room provided enough entertainment for everyone present.

After quite a while of small talk and pizza, things got more interactive again. The game was simple, everyone wrote down some true but specific facts about themselves. These were read out anonymously and the group guessed who wrote them. In fact, it was an extremely funny game and we now know things about our colleagues that we didn’t expect. Definitely a must-have for the next team event!

At the end it felt like we’d known each other forever!

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