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The first financial App,
that evolves along with you.

Decide for yourself what you want to see - you know best.

Finances Made Simple

Right decisions in seconds

Tips and notifications are tailored to you - and they always have the perfect timing.
• Keep track of your financial status
• Get hints and implement them directly in the app
• Even complex topics are made simple through stories
Cash Boost

Multiply your money every day

You live your life and let us take care of the financial stuff. We'll even put money back in your pocket.
• Get a bonus every time you use the card
• Send recommendations to your friends
• Save money with special discounts
Keep Track

Liquid also at the end of the month

We'll keep an eye on everything for you and show you a solution as soon as you need it.
• Get paid early if things get tight
• Save through automatic rules and micro investments
• Benefit from our financing options

Pure knowledge - no babble. We provide you with the insights so you can ride every wave.

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